The Hilton Family - A Gorgeous Paris Family Photo Session at the Eiffel Tower

If you've been keeping up with me you probably already know that I'm in New York until the 12th of September spending a lot of time with my family as well as photographing some new and old NYC clients of mine. Before I get into all of the details of my New York visit I want to share this beautiful family photography session done at the Eiffel Tower in Paris... The Hilton family contacted me right after moving to Paris from Norway... well, right in the middle of their move to be exact! They are the cutest little American family with 3 gorgeous little ones and another on the way (who I cannot wait to meet in October!). I met Amy, John and the babes on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning right next to le Tour Eiffel. After tons of running, jumping and kissing we came out with the cutest little set of photos you ever did see! But I guess you can judge for yourself... Voilà, Les Hiltons!

080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_027-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_118-EditBW 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_149-Edit-2BW 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_218 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_181-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_222-Edit hilton-paris-family-portraits-english-speaking-photographer_4 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_242-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_245-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_323-Edit-2BW080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_312-EditBW hilton-paris-family-portraits-english-speaking-photographer_3 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_353-Edit hilton-paris-family-portraits-english-speaking-photographer_2 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_385-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_398-Edit-2BW hilton-paris-family-portraits-english-speaking-photographer_1 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_415-Edit 080313_hilton-amy-family-portraits_473-Edit 080313_hilton_family-portrait_546-Edit-2

For more information on what it's like as an American family living all over Europe, visit Amy's blog! She shares lots of valuable information as well as some beautiful insight into life with 3 little ones and another on the way...