Coffee Parisien - Dining American in Paris

Let's just say I'm feeling inspired by my massive USA exposure in the last two weeks and missing Paris and my love all at the same time so this is the perfect Parisian-American to share! If you're ever in Paris and craving a darn good burger head here. I'm going to be honest... I LOVE burgers. I don't mess around with them, give me the basics and I'm a happy girl. I like a simple BCLTOP or in other words: Burger, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. I am terrible at making homemade burgers so I must resort to only eating them out however in Paris, I've become very... let me emphasize this... (imagine me speaking with an intense straight face and very loudly) VERY picky. You would expect in a country where cooking is an art that you could go just about anywhere and find just about anything you want to eat and it would be amazing... oh yes, you would expect that... however you would be WRONG. At least in the burger sense. I mean no offense to french people or anything but anyone who eats a hamburger with a fork and knife and doesn't serve Heinz ketchup along side it, simply cannot be trusted with the sanctity of making that deliciously messy piece of meat on a bun. Thus said.. fear not fellow burger enthusiasts, stop with the insomnia, anxiety and crying, you will now be able to get a real burger right in the heart of Paris! Que in, Coffee Parisien. Although the name simply makes no sense to me, the American flag flying proudly over the entrance says welcoming, "Come on in... we aren't scared to serve huge portions or crappy American beer that you are ashamed to tell anyone that you crave... we respect and support you and your strange appetite."

080313_brunch-with-pyk_006 080313_brunch-with-pyk_008

Little did we know going in that it would also have my Frenchie's favorite American dish as well: a Reuben sandwich. His desire and search for a Reuben is nothing short of mine for a burger and a bagel. To state it lightly, his one demand for me to bring back from NYC is Katz deli's pastrami. How I will get fresh meat from the USA back to France, I do not know. But let's get back to the burger.. to make a long story shorter it was delicious and everything you could ask for in a burg: tender, juicy, served with Heinz ketchup, made with real cheddar cheese, not served with utensils, and an option for a Coors light on the side (there's no shame in liking that beer flavored water that you drank in college.)

The place mats:


Real Ketchup!


Happy Katie!


So there you have it, another day in Paris being an American and craving a little taste of "back home". Until my next delicious adventure, eat wisely my friends.

Foot note: If you were expecting a photo of my glorious American dish, apologies. I was too concerned with eating it and I forgot it take one.. Next time I go, I promise I won't disappoint. If you are however in Paris, take a stroll over there! Apparently they have real American pancakes too!


Coffee Parisien

4, rue Princesse - Paris 75006 - 01 43 54 18 18

7, rue Gustave Courbet - Paris 75016 - 01 45 53 17 17

46, rue de Sablonville - Neuilly Sur Seine 92200 - 01 46 37 13 13