Dear Paris: On Family

Do you remember the "Dear Abby" advice column in the newspapers? Well here is my version: Dear Paris,

After 6 months of not seeing someone, is it really possible to "catch up" on everything? You know, the daily life things that you don't think are necessary to talk about on the telephone or all of the funny things that happen during your day or the conversations that you would rather have face to face. How do you say everything? Really spill the beans on what your life is now. If you already have the answer, just skip this whole letter and leave me a comment divulging the secret. I mean, I guess part of the reason I have this blog is to share myself as well as my photography and travels. In the end though, is there enough time to express it all? Both through writing, talking and doing all the catching up? When do you stop catching up and move on to living life in the present? It's a difficult question... I feel like sometimes the only person who really knows what's going on with me is well, me and I guess most of the time my Frenchie.

I bring this up now because... drum roll please... my dad has come to Paris to visit! And it's been a day and a half now of hanging out and catching up and all that good stuff. I feel as if there's always so much that I want to tell my family, everything really, and I want to know what's going on with them as well. But how do you do it? I've constantly been almost interrupting everyone in the last day because I HAVE to tell my dad a story or something that happened... I feel like that annoying 5-year-old daughter that won't stop jumping up and down going "Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, I NEED to tell you something!!!!"... since when did I become a child again? Obviously this is about excitement. I mean, my family members are by far my favorite people, but still, sometimes I feel like someone needs to calm me down like you calm a puppy after returning home from work for the day.

In the end, I'm happy, and this is simply a happy issue. I mean, my Dad is here! In France! And it's awesome and we're going to... Oh wait, please excuse me, I just remembered something I have to tell him.

S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi, (Please help me)

Excited puppy in Paris


Papa Bear and I